June 10, 2017, Comment off

The 12 Joys We are Grateful For!

As the year ends and a new one is on our doorstep, we reflect on how fortunate we are and what we are grateful for in our everyday lives as we work to place people in outstanding job opportunities with great companies!

  • “I am grateful for the ability to impact someone’s life by finding them a career that has truly made a difference in their life. The best is when they come back to me years later to let me know! I am grateful for my standing desk. It allows me to burn calories while I work away…can’t beat that!” Cheryl
  • “I am grateful for strong working relationships.” Denise
  • “I’m grateful for terrific coworkers that know me better than I know myself some days, and for the ability to build new relationships every day. Also, couldn’t be more grateful for a sense of humor that helps me keep everything in perspective.” Rachel
  • “I am definitely thankful for donuts!” Jake
  • “I am grateful for the clients and candidates that contact me to assist with staffing and placement when needed, knowing I will do my best to assist!” Linda
  • “I am grateful for LinkedIn! As a new recruiter, I LOVE IT!” Adam
  • “I am thankful for great companies that we work with that allow us to place our wonderful candidates. I am thankful for a warm office to come to every day with great team members, wonderful leaders and owner!” Barbara
  • “I am grateful for the trust that each person places in me during the search process. And a hot cup of coffee each morning!” Pete
  • “I am grateful for the team I work with. We are a family and work together to help one another succeed.” Jessica
  • “I am grateful for the office treats!” Erika
  • “I am grateful for the client and candidate relationships I have developed and maintained over the many years! I am grateful for the technology available to me to make my job easier and accurate. I’m grateful for working with a dynamic and loyal management team.” Eileen
  • “I am grateful to be able to work with a great group of recruiters and staff who love what they do, for our amazing clients and the ability we have to give back to our community! Every day, we get to improve people’s lives and make an impact on their future. I am grateful to be a part of it all! Best wishes to all in 2016!” Patty