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3 Ways to Really Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Each week, hiring managers are inundated with thousands upon thousands of resumes, applications, and phone calls from career hopefuls. From one day to the next, it can be difficult to remember people well. If this is the case, how can you stand out as a candidate for a job you believe you are perfect for the role? Isn’t this a lost cause?

Take heart. There are some effective ways that you can stand out in the minds of recruiters by following these three tips.

Get Yourself a Dedicated Brand

You are your biggest advocate in your career! One way to stand out today is to create a remarkable brand as a candidate. This is something that the biggest companies do to market to consumers, so why shouldn’t you adopt this method, too? Your brand should be centered on your unique talents, the industry experience you have, and the things you are most passionate about. This brand should be consistent across all the places you are seen – like your social networks, your career documents, and your online profiles. Focus on quality and not necessarily quantity when posting on your social networks.

Demonstrate an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Companies are looking for future leaders and therefore they tend to lean towards candidates who show initiative and drive as entrepreneurs. Why? Entrepreneurs tend to think about things in a different way, have highly creative minds, and are natural leaders. They are great for coming up with new ideas that can propel a business further. Make sure you are developing your own career as an entrepreneur and demonstrating this to others. Share your ideas and ways to make things better.

Keep Developing in Your Career

If you are proactive about your career and want to stand out to hiring managers, being a lifelong learner should be at the top of your list. Read the books of thought leaders on a continual basis, follow the blogs and news feeds of today’s entrepreneurs, and keep taking classes as often as your schedule allows. Grow in your career by being part of industry associations, and earning certifications that you can show off on your social profiles. Recruiters are often checking these things out, and will remember you by your activities as a learner.

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