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Ace the Job Interview and Follow Up for an Offer

Getting ready for a job interview? This is for your dream job, so you really need to knock it out of the park! How can you ace the job interview and what comes after the interview to get the job offer you deserve? Here are some tips for your career success.

Make use of the voicemail system

Once you have applied for the job you want, take the time to pick up the phone and ask for the recruitment representative at the company. You will likely get their voicemail. Take the opportunity to leave a brief and professional-sounding voicemail. Introduce yourself, the job you applied for, and your phone number where you can be reached.

Use email the right way

If you have applied online, send a copy of your resume and a cover letter to the HR department in a follow-up email a few days later. Respond to any email messages you get from the recruitment team promptly. Do not send more than one message per week.

When the phone screen comes

Most recruiters will take the time to call candidates to conduct an initial phone screen. Make yourself available for this call and give it your entire focus. Be polite, speak clearly, answer questions carefully, and express yourself in a friendly manner.

On the interview day

If you are asked to come in for an interview, you want to do one thing right – be very nice to the office receptionist. This person will be giving the hiring manager feedback and could block you from further contact with the HR department if you are not nice.

The job interview itself

You will want to make the most of the job interview by arriving on time, appearing well-groomed and ready to tackle the interview questions that will come your way. Treat it seriously and turn off the cell phone. Pay attention and answer the interview questions to the best of your ability and have a few of your own to ask, too. Then ask the hiring manager what the next steps will be.

After the interview

Immediately following the job interview, drop a nicely handwritten thank-you card addressed to the hiring manager in the mail. Follow up with an email thank-you three-to-five business days later. Limit the phone calls to once per week, unless someone calls you to seek additional information or to invite you in for a second interview.

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