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Going to a Networking Event? Here’s How to Be Successful

Are you headed for an industry networking event soon? This can be a major boon for your career because you have the chance to get in front of real working professionals with the area’s biggest and best companies. How can you make the most of this experience? Go in with a strategy that focuses on building the right connections.

Take a friend with you

People can be finicky about meeting new people, unless they see a nice crowd of others around a person at a networking event. Take a friend or two with you, if you can, to create an entourage. You’ll find it easier to connect with other people, and others will be intrigued with you from the start.

Go in with a plan in mind

It’s best to make a plan of action before you step into a networking event. Why? Because once you arrive, you can easily become overwhelmed and distracted by all the people and the activities there. Don’t deviate from your plan to connect with the people who can help you land a new job, and you’ll make out better in the end.

Have the right mindset

As part of your plan, attend the networking event as someone who has the mindset of wanting to help others. You’ll be viewed as a thought leader, instead of someone who is simply going to get something from others. This leads to better relationship building and people will remember you for being an expert in something that they may need in the near future.

Make sure to follow up

You should be ready to follow up with the people you meet at the networking event. Make sure to gather business cards with contact information, and leave yours with others. Ask if you may follow up in a few days, so you don’t appear to be a “pest”. When you get back to home base, set up a day to make follow up phone calls and emails to the people you met at the event. Send them invitations to connect on LinkedIn, too.

If you use the above tips, you’ll find that a networking event is much more fruitful, and you’ll have the opportunity to personally check back in with the people who may be hiring soon for your dream job.

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