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Is Your HR Job Search “Normal?”

A lot has been changing for job seekers over the past years. In many cases, it’s taking longer to search for and secure a new role. If you’re seeking a new position right now, here are some guidelines you may use to determine whether your job search is “normal.”

Reading Vague Job Descriptions

Reading vague job descriptions is normal. Specific job duties may not be listed; instead, the description may say “other duties as needed.” If you secure an interview, you’ll want to ask in-depth questions about what your role would be and what responsibilities you’d take on. Ask the question, “In 6 months from my start date, what would I be accomplishing in this role that would make you feel great about bringing me aboard?”

Waiting for a Response

After applying for a job, receiving either a generic email response after a few weeks or no reply at all is also normal. Many companies use applicant tracking systems to sift through cover letters and resumes and reply to applicants. Also, recruiters typically are busy filling multiple roles at one time and cannot review applications daily or respond to each of them.

Not Knowing Where You Stand

Being unsure whether you’ll be called in for an interview is normal. Since the hiring manager decides which candidates are offered an interview, you may have to wait longer than you’d like to hear back about a position.

Engaging in Multiple Interviews

Engaging in multiple interviews with employees in various departments and levels in the company is normal, as well. Multiple interviews over several days give you various perspectives on what your duties would be and help determine whether you’re the best candidate for the position. Finishing your interviews in one day helps with both scheduling the interviewers and quickly filling the role.

Waiting Long After the Final Interview

Waiting a long time to hear back from the company after your last interview is not normal. If the interviewer says you should hear back from them in a certain timeframe, you may follow up after that with a phone call or email. If you still don’t hear anything, you probably weren’t chosen for the role.

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