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How Did the Interview Go? Here’s How You Can Find Out

It’s one thing to spend days preparing for a job interview; it’s another to wait out the time period afterwards wondering how you did. Sometimes you can tell immediately if the interview was a positive one. Sometimes, it’s harder to tell. Try not to drive yourself crazy analyzing every second of the job interview. Instead, use these four steps to get to the bottom results of the interview.

Step 1 – Ask for feedback during the interview.

That’s right. You don’t have to wait until days after the interview, if you know this relatively unknown job interview secret. At the very end of the interview, simply ask the hiring manager if they have any feedback on how the interview went and if they have any additional questions for you. Ask about the length of your examples, your pace or the examples you provided. Then ask what the next steps are in their interviewing process.

Step 2 – Ask for someone to follow up with later.

Get the name of a contact person to check in with after the interview concludes. This can be the recruiter you met with, another member of the management team or someone who works in HR. Just have a contact person’s name and direct phone extension or email to follow up with after the interview. You can also use this information to send a follow up note to thank them for their time and the interview. It may be the representative at the staffing agency in Chicago. If you’re working with a staffing agency, that’s one benefit they provide. Companies may be more willing to provide feedback to a recruiter than directly to the job candidate.

Step 3 – Call the hiring manager in 72 hours.

If you are not working with a staffing agency, wait a few days and then get in touch with the hiring manager on the status of things. There may be additional interviews to conduct, or the hiring manager may have to check references. Offer your assistance, and if they need any additional information or one of your references is slow in responding, you can make a quick call to them.

Step 4 – Ask constructive questions.

Everyone is busy, especially hiring managers who are looking for the right candidates for their job openings. Take the time to ask constructive questions when you are speaking with the hiring manager. If you are not moving forward in the process, ask ‘what did you perceive my strengths to be?’ and ‘what do I need to improve upon as a candidate when interviewing for my next opportunity?’ to get to the root of your interviewing skills. Use this information the next time you interview with a company, treating it as a learning opportunity.

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