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Key Tips for Having a Great LinkedIn Profile!

One of the most common questions about using LinkedIn is “how do I maximize the profile features?” There are many different opinions on this topic because some people say to keep it casual while others say to make it more formal. Since LinkedIn is often considered a professional networking site, lean towards a more formal profile. Here’s what a LinkedIn profile should include if a candidate wants to make a favorable impression with hiring managers.

At a recent recruiting conference, key tips for having a great LinkedIn profile include

  • Ask your former bosses and colleagues for professional recommendations to include on your LinkedIn page.
  • Are you active in volunteering and charity work? Make sure you list the activities since people who are active in the community are more likely to get hired than people who are not.
  • Include some interests and hobbies in the summary section to let people get to know a little bit more about you than just your work experiences.

Additional recommendations for a top notch LinkedIn profile include:

A professional headshot photo

With today’s technology, it’s not necessary to go to a studio to have your headshot taken. Mobile phones have great cameras with high resolutions. Find a well-lit area and ask one of your friends to help with taking the photo.

Ask that friend to take a nice photo of your face and upper shoulders. Wear something that reflects a professional image and is a positive reflection on working for a human resources firm. Avoid a busy background and opt for a solid color. Smile and make good eye contact with the camera.

One of the great parts of using mobile phones for the headshot is the option to take multiple pictures and then look at the images. If you need to change the lighting, use a different background or fix your hair, it’s a quick fix and won’t require any waiting.

A reflective summary

In your summary area, give a strong assessment of your previous career path. Highlight your years of experience. Provide quantitative data on the impact you have made with your previous companies.

If you are unemployed, don’t hide that fact. Come right out and say that you are exploring new career opportunities. If you are employed, you need to be discreet to avoid sending the wrong message to your current company. Leave that information to private messages through LinkedIn or email.

A growing list of contacts

Make your connections strategic and focus on companies and people who are in your industry. Add a few thought leaders, civic leaders, celebrities, college professors and CEOs to the mix too. Ask others to recommend you to companies that may be hiring. Accept invites from recruiters.

Target companies you want to work for and look for mutual connections. That is your opening line in the connection request. Even if you don’t have a mutual connection, look for a gatekeeper in the organization and start to network.

A nice amount of content

Your LinkedIn profile should provide more detail about your career accomplishments than what you put in the summary. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself but be careful to not sound conceited. Also, post articles and links to interesting content as well as your own blog posts and published works if you have any. Recruiters enjoy seeing what candidates are into and sharing them with their networks too. Provide content to your followers they would find useful.

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