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Did You Know Body Language Matters on a Phone Interview?

If you’re getting ready for a phone interview, don’t overlook the fact that how you sit or present yourself during the call plays a role in how smoothly the interview goes. Many people have a bad habit of slouching in their chair or tapping their desk when talking on the phone; this can have a negative impact on the overall impression you make.

Here are some ways to watch your body language during a phone interview:

Stand Up Straight

The other party won’t know whether you are standing up or sitting down while taking the call, but they will be able to hear whether you are speaking confidently and projecting your voice. The best way to do that is to stand up and talk as if you are speaking to an audience. This will help your voice project further and make you sound more confident.

Walk Around

Walking around at a steady pace is another way to feel more confident. You may find walking helps to ease anxiety and helps you speak more clearly than sitting in one position and trying to focus on a screen or desk. You want to sound as naturally confident as possible and for many people, this involves walking while talking. Just make sure you are in a quiet space and the interviewer can’t hear your footsteps.

Eliminate Nervous Habits

Clicking a pen, typing on a keyboard or even shuffling around in your chair will come through on the call. Be mindful of any noisy habits that can interfere with the call and distract you while you are trying to answer interviewer questions.

Control Your Breathing

If you’re feeling anxious or nervous on the phone, you may be speaking too fast or breathing too hard. Some people hold their breath when they are nervous which interferes with the quality of their voice. Make a point to control your breathing so you are keeping oxygen flowing to the brain and are talking at a calm, steady pace.


Many people forget to smile when they are talking on the phone because they don’t think the other person will notice. The truth is, people can tell when you are smiling because your voice takes on a more positive tone. Practice smiling the next time you answer the phone and it’s likely you will get a positive response in return.

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