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Leading a Meaningful Life

What are your proudest accomplishments? What deep failure, fear or frustration do you have to overcome? According to Derek Deprey, these initial questions will help you to begin your journey on leading a meaningful life!

To get started on your journey, you will need to form your CORE VALUES. Define what your idea of success looks like, and develop this into your core values. These core values with guide your decision making and your actions.

MOVE TO GROWTH. What is your plan for personal development? Identify the goals you have for your personal growth and pursue them.

VISION. What gives you direction and purpose? What do you want your future to look like?

FLOW: On this journey, develop an APE attitude!

A: Attitude. Adapt a positive mindset: Everyone is a TEN! Give loyalty first, then you will get it back! Realize that YOU have the ability to be more positive.

P: Passion. How do your passions drive your life? What do you enjoy most and what skills do you need to get there? What do you have a strong desire to do or to achieve, that will typically require determination and hard work. Identify these ambitions.

E: Execution. “Do it Afraid!” Commit time to yourself to work on your goals.

Ask yourself, on a scale of 1 – 10, how was your last 3 months? What would you need to do to increase your happiness score!!

FUSION. You can lead a fulfilled life when personal values tie in with work values. Think about what’s been bothering you. Schedule the time to do what you would like to do and “Jump in the Pool!” At this level work and play can become synonymous!

IMPACT! Care about the dreams of others, and inspire fellow travelers along the way!

Source: 2017 Midwest Staffing Conference, Derek Deprey, www.derekdeprey.com