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What Questions Can You Ask to See If a Company Values Diversity?

Diversity is one key to a successful business. By employing a variety of workers, owners gain fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for moving their company forward. As a result, people want to work for a company that values employee differences. Here are a few questions you can ask to determine how highly a company values diversity.

What Are Your Top Values?

If a company lists diversity as one of its top values, look for evidence to support that claim. The mission statement may include the company’s approach to employing workers with varying backgrounds and experiences. In addition, the company may have programs in place that provide resources for specific challenges a demographic group may face. Furthermore, the company may partner with organizations involved with minority communities to better engage the population.

How Much Do You Value Diversity?

If a company values diversity, there will be signs. The company will have a focus on recruiting diverse employees, ensuring equality and providing resources for those with special needs. The company may have management positions such as Chief Diversity Officer, Diversity Manager or Diversity Specialist to recruit, engage and fill the needs of various individuals. In addition, the company may have an Office of Diversity to promote inclusion and flexibility through alternative work schedules, child and elder care assistance or other resources. The company may utilize minority development programs to develop top talent for management roles.

How Do You Ensure Everyone Feels Included?

A company that honors diversity takes steps to include everyone as much as possible. For example, the company may conduct diversity and sensitivity training that employees can participate in. At staff meetings, recognition of all employees from various backgrounds and with different abilities will be included among the recipients of the recognition. The company may provide adaptable workspaces and special equipment so individuals with disabilities may contribute. In addition, the company may have managers mentoring employees who come from a different background.

Do You Hold People Accountable for Fostering a Diverse Culture?

If a company places diversity high on its priority list, the company should hold employees at every level accountable for fostering a diverse culture. Each employee should know the company’s diversity goals and how they connect to business objectives. Also, each employee should understand how diversity affects their role and how their role impacts the diversity of the company.

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