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Telling Someone You Want a New Job May Be Your Best Bet

When you’re in the market for a new human resources job, it’s important to let people know. Many employees enjoy helping others secure positions within their companies. Employers also reap the benefits of having their workers assess candidates for skills and cultural fit while pointing out the best parts of working for the organization. Here are a few ways referrals may help you secure your next HR job.

Importance of Referrals

Securing a referral increases your chances of being called in for a job interview. Because you already know an employee, you’ll probably feel more comfortable starting with the company. Also, you’re already establishing a feeling of trust from the hiring manager, which speeds up the hiring process. In addition, because you were referred by an employee, you’re more likely to be a great match for the position, blend with the team more quickly, stay productive, feel greater job satisfaction, and work for the company longer. The internal employee will refer a job candidate they think will help the company as they want to see the company continue to grow.

Companies also benefit from hiring referrals. For example, organizations save money by not having to go through an exhaustive job search process in posting jobs, sourcing applications and then going through a lengthy interview process. Also, hiring managers save time by interviewing fewer referrals to secure a new hire as opposed to more applicants from other sources to secure one.

Methods of Securing Referrals

There are various ways you may secure referrals. For example, make a list of your closest friends and their family members, then write down the companies they work for. You may use LinkedIn or Facebook to gather the information if needed. When you find a company you may want to work for, search its website for open positions. If you find one you like, let your contact know which role you’re seeking, and ask if they’ll provide a referral for you. If more than one contact works for the company, ask the person who’s higher up on the corporate ladder to provide the referral, as they’ll have more influence in whether you get hired.

Joining professional organizations in your industry may help secure referrals as well. You’ll interact with professionals who may refer you for open roles. Also, you may gain access to opportunities available only to members of the organization.

Referrals and Recruiters

When asking to be referred to a company, your name may be given to a recruiter who can refer you to a variety of companies in their network. To facilitate a warm introduction through the person referring you to the recruiter, ensure your contact can state quality reasons for referring you. By giving the recruiter a better idea of your skills, experience, and roles you may be interested in, the recruiter will be better equipped to initiate a phone conversation about available positions you may want to apply for.

Recruiters also have a prior relationship with a lot of candidates and have built trust with companies on placing job candidates with previous openings. Utilize HR recruiters to your benefit and let them contact professionals in the industry and share your awesome job search credentials!

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These are a few reasons you should talk with people about your desire for a new job. For help securing your next HR position, reach out to Arlington Resources and work with an award-winning HR recruiter in Chicago!