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When Is It Time to Switch Careers?

If you’re losing motivation at work and aren’t feeling like your current job is the right fit for you, consider that it may be time to switch careers. Many people get stuck in a rut with their jobs and don’t explore other opportunities because they are just comfortable — but unhappy — with the way things are. However, that type of attitude can lead to burnout, unhappiness, and even depression, since most of your days will be filled with work-related activities. Here are some surefire signs it’s time to switch careers.

You Hate the Beginning of the Week

You don’t just hate Monday mornings, you start to feel the anxiety about the upcoming week as early as the weekend. If you are starting to hate Mondays and dread going to work every morning, it could be a sign that you are unhappy with your work situation and are ready for a move. Pay attention to your mood and gauge whether you are more stressed out at the beginning of the week or the weekend as Monday draws near.

Feeling Stuck in Your Career Path

If you’re feeling stuck in your job and your career path as a whole, it may be time to explore some other options in a similar role or a complementary industry. For example, an accountant might consider becoming a personal financial advisor, and vice versa. If you’re feeling stuck and as though you won’t be pursuing a higher position in your field, this could be a good time to pivot with your career. Feeling stuck can take its toll on you and make it difficult for you to stay motivated and excited about your job. If those types of feelings start to sink in, it may be time to explore other options.

No Autonomy At Work

Feeling like your work isn’t challenging enough, or as though you don’t have any autonomy at work, can make it difficult to put a sincere effort into your career and get ahead. If you want more autonomy at work and your supervisor won’t give it to you, you may struggle to maintain the level of motivation you need to get your job done. If you don’t feel like you get to make important decisions or work on a variety of projects that challenge you, you may be ready for something entirely different. This might be the perfect time to develop some new skills, explore other career options, and choose a job that will be more rewarding and fulfilling in the long term.

If you are struggling to make your working life work for you, it may be time for a career change. If you’re not sure how to get started, consider working with a staffing firm so you can explore a number of available jobs in career paths that complement your current skill set. Arlington Resources, an award-winning HR staffing agency in Chicago, can help you get started.