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Do You Want a New Job? Don’t Do This! 20 Interview Tips!

Applying or interviewing for a new job doesn’t have to be a great mystery. There are certain criteria which you must meet and a few checkboxes that you should tick, if you hope to make the right impression and land the job. Should you fail to meet 100 percent of the criteria, then you can make up with other attributes. The bottom line is that there are a few do’s and don’ts when trying to get a new job.

Mistakes you don’t want to make in a job interview

In general, there are certain absolute don’ts while applying or being interviewed for a job. If you indulge in these don’ts, then chances are that you wouldn’t be considered for the job.

1. Do not speak badly about a former employer

You may not depend on all your former employers for a good reference. You may think that your goodwill is confined to the last employer. That is not the case. When you badmouth a former employer, it reflects poorly on your character. Even if you did not like something, even if you were not favored or were ill-treated, you can present it professionally and talk about facts. The moment you badmouth or start speaking ill, it showcases how you respond to difficult situations and that you harbor resentment.

2. Always tell the truth and nothing but

Lying is a strict no-no. There are many jobseekers who think that they can get away with small lies. Harmless little “white lies” that cannot be substantiated or proven to be true may seem tempting, but they are unwise. For example, don’t stretch the truth about your former responsibilities, achievements, training or anything else – because it will come out during the reference checking process.

3. Don’t be confused about your career goals

Never be uncertain, or express confusion as to why you want a certain job. If you are clueless about the basics of the job, why you need it or how you can do it, then you aren’t really suitable for the job. This will show in the way you respond to the interview questions.

4. Avoid being late or unprepared for the job interview.

Being late and unprepared for an interview is a sign of incompetence. This is never a good idea if you want a job offer. Be on time and be ready to tackle job interviews. If you are headed for an interview in an unfamiliar place, map it out ahead of time and plan your time accordingly. If you are late due to some unforeseen event, call as soon as possible and advise the recruiter.

16 additional DON’TS when on a job interview:

  • Show a lack of enthusiasm about the company or job opportunity
  • Wear too much perfume/cologne – can give interviewee a headache
  • Answer your cell phone – better to even leave in car just in case
  • Don’t interrupt when they are talking
  • Don’t answer a question you don’t understand – ask for clarification
  • Do not go off subject when answering questions
  • Don’t give long winded answers
  • Not having questions about the company (research the company, have questions ready to ask)
  • Do not smoke right before you go in for an interview
  • Do not show up more than 15 minutes early
  • No gum or candy chewing
  • Do not go in heels to a manufacturing/plant Interview
  • Don’t say you want the job as a short term goal
  • Never bring in a beverage, whether it is coffee or bottled water (feel free to accept whatever is offered to you, though)
  • Do not discuss compensation (when working with a recruiter)
  • Not thanking the interviewer for the opportunity and expressing your interest in the job

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