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How Can You Transform Your HR Temp Position to Full-Time Employment?

After being employed as a temporary worker for some time, you may be interested in a full-time position. Perhaps you enjoy your colleagues, are fully invested in your responsibilities, and see opportunities for professional growth in the organization. Since you already have your foot in the door and have been demonstrating your contributions, you want to take the opportunity to express interest in a regular full-time role. Follow this guide to turn your temporary HR role into a full-time job.

Connect With Your Manager and Colleagues

Form professional relationships with your manager and colleagues. They may be influential in getting you a full-time position. Because managers want employees who fit well with the team, ask for and offer help when needed. Show you do more than just the minimum of what is expected of you. Your colleagues may be able to point out how your skills have benefited others, how you helped them out on a project or how your reputation is one of integrity and loyalty.

Be Clear About What You Want

Let your manager know you are interested in a regular full-time position. Share how happy you are with your work, what you like best about the company, and why you would make an excellent full-time employee. Ask for ongoing feedback about what you are doing well and how can improve your performance.

Make Yourself Indispensable

Show your manager you are a vital part of the team. Go above and beyond what you are asked to do. For instance, if you have a report due by 3 pm, have it in earlier with additional information. Or, think about how to more efficiently complete your work and share your solutions. Show you want to improve your performance and take on additional responsibility to fulfill your growth potential.

Work Diligently

Perform at your highest level daily. The time you work for the company is like an extended on-the-job interview. For instance, arrive early and stay late when needed. Fill in for an absent colleague when possible. Show you are engaged in your work and remain productive. Quickly respond to email, even to simply say you are working on the request right now, then send an update as soon as possible. Put in overtime when necessary to show your commitment to getting things done.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Because your behavior is being monitored, you want to appear professional. You also want to produce faster, make fewer mistakes and stand out from your colleagues. Act like your temporary job is paid training. You are learning new skills, networking with potential employers or referrals, and building your resume.

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