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Why Arlington Resources is a Powerful Resource for Human Resources Talent

  • Reputation: Recruiting Human Resources Talent since 1997 with a High Value on Client Satisfaction
  • Responsiveness: With our Team Approach and Tenure of Staff, we can Quickly Assess Talent with a Mutual Sense of Urgency, Realistic Market Expectations and Honest Feedback.
  • Results: Easy to Work with while Providing Top Talent that Exceed our Client’s Expectations

Our Proven Process:  The Arlington Resources Difference

About Us

* Our HR Specialty and Our Candidates

* Culture – Collaboration of Team and Tenure

* Community Giveback

* Woman-Owned Business

Development of Search Strategy

  * Identify Role and Review with Team
  * Identify Sourcing Strategy

Recruit/Sourcing Candidates

  * Robust Database
  * Networking
  * Referrals
  * Social Media
  * Direct Sourcing

Analysis and Evaluation of Selected Candidates

  * Targeted Interviews
  * Woo Candidates
  * Upfront Reference Checks
  * Assessments per Clients Requests

Client Presentation

* CIS: Candidate Information Profiles  

Client Review and Selection of Candidates

  * Client/Candidate Interview Preparation
  * Client/Candidate Feedback
  * Offer
  * Negotiation
  * Acceptance

Continued Follow Up

  * Client Visit
  * Continued Correspondence
* Partnership for Future Talent Requirements