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Important Questions to Get to Know Your HR Candidate

One of your objectives in interviewing an HR candidate is to get to know them. Having a conversation lets you determine whether they’re a good fit for the position, your team, and the company. To better understand your candidate’s background and qualifications and determine whom you want to hire, you need to dive deeper on some topics. Here are four questions to get to know your HR candidate better and determine his or her fit for the position and your company. 

Which Professional Achievement Are You Most Proud Of?

Since your HR candidate wants to impress you, they’ll have many professional achievements lined up to share with you. Your candidate may have earned an award or certification or completed a significant project that went exceptionally well. Asking what they’re most proud of gives you a stronger sense of their strengths. Your candidate can expand on something they feel good about, which can put them at ease and boost their confidence for the rest of the interview. 

Tell Me About a Time When You Overcame a Challenge.

Asking your candidate how they worked through a problem provides a better understanding of how their experience translates from their resume to their job performance. Starting work with a new employer isn’t easy. Even after a new hire becomes acclimated and starts producing, they’re going to face obstacles. A conflict with a team member might arise, or a project might come up that the employee isn’t sure how to start. Knowing how your candidate tackles difficult circumstances helps you decide whether they’re fit for the role.

How Would You Describe Your Working Style?

Finding out how your HR candidate prefers to accomplish work lets you determine whether they’ll blend with your team. Although you want team players with a variety of backgrounds, you also want them to function according to how things operate. As a result, it’s important to determine whether your candidate takes a collaborative approach or prefers to work independently, or whether they perform well with lots of direction or are a self-starter.

Which Three Words Would You Use to Describe Your Ideal Work Environment?

You want to ask what type of atmosphere your HR candidate prefers to work in so you know whether they’ll thrive in your culture. They may like a quiet environment with lots of individual work, or a fast-paced, high-energy office. Your candidate may want significant structure and predictability, or a laid-back environment. If your culture is different from what the type of environment they prefer, continue to look for a better candidate match.

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