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6 Creative Ways to Ring in Summer in the Workplace

It’s finally Summer! After the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing caused a rough start to 2020, you should be able to get outside and have fun. Because the memories you make do not need to be limited to family and friends, plan some fun summer activities for your employees. There are ways to enhance connections, strengthen communication, and build company culture whether your team works in the office or remotely.    

Here are six unique ways to celebrate Summer with your HR team.  

Office Olympics

Divide your coworkers into teams. Have the teams compete in outdoor activities like rubber band archery. Have a pile of rubber bands and piece of paper as a target. Contestants stand 8 feet from the target and have 30 seconds to hit the target as often as possible by shooting rubber bands off their fingers. 

Virtual Campfire 

Create a virtual campfire for your remote team. Send each member a small package with s’more ingredients, a tealight candle, and matches. Set a time to virtually meet through your online video conferencing platform. Encourage everyone to share ghost stories, participate in small competitions, and make s’mores.  

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of specific things to find outside the area your office is located in. Break up into teams of no more than four. Instruct each team to find as many items as possible in 2 hours and take a picture. Have everyone meet back at the office to share their photos. Award a point for each picture.   

Can You Hear Me Now?

Play Can You Hear Me Now? in a virtual conference room. Choose one team member to be the speaker while the rest are artists. The speaker uses an online random image generator to source an image, then describes it so the artists can draw it. The catch is that only geometric shapes can be used to guide the artists. For instance, rather than saying, “Write the letter E,” the speaker could say, “Draw a large circle, then three equidistant triangles.” This requires the speaker to use highly accurate communication skills, and the artists to closely listen and interpret.   

Stealth Disco

Ask a coworker or senior leader to participate in an activity with you, like answering interview questions. Have another coworker stealthily disco dance in the background while someone else videotapes. Create a collection of videos to show everyone.  

That’s Right Bob

Based on improv, That’s Right Bob simulates your remote team working at a news station with a wild, creative story to share. Choose someone to begin a simple news story with a sentence or two. For instance, “There was a cat in a tree.” The next person states, “That’s right, Bob,” repeats the original line, then adds to it. For instance, “There was a cat in a tree, and it was not having a good day.” Each person continues the process, adding to the story until it becomes too long or the organizer calls for a commercial break. 

Fill HR Roles During Summer Vacations

With Summer finally here, now is the time to enjoy fun activities with your HR staff. Whether in-office or remote, your team will enjoy the camaraderie, education, and laughs associated with these creative ideas for celebrating.

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