Chicagoland Human Resources Staffing and Employment

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About Us

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About Arlington Resources

Arlington Resources specializes in the placement of Human Resources Professionals for direct hire, contract and temporary services.

As a nationally accredited, best in class recruitment firm, our staff is well networked in the HR community, tenured and industry certified. With our dedicated staff experienced in developing relationships, obtaining referrals, and sourcing candidates, we can locate top talent that you may not be able to find on your own. In addition to our outstanding recruiting practices, our team is committed to community service and philanthropy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column el_class=”welcome-text”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner css=”.vc_custom_1491660820054{padding-right: 25px !important;}”][vc_column_text]


Interested in receiving our current Salary Survey? Please email us at

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Latest from Blog

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Client Testimonials and Shout Outs

[/vc_column_text][mt_testimonial_slider style=”default-center”][mt_testimonial_slide]“Got me a perfect candidate almost immediately.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Quick to respond and provides great customer service.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington Resources took us to lunch once we decided to hire on our employee.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Our recruiter consistently checks in with me to ensure I am happy with Arlington’s services. I really appreciate the professional manner and special attention!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Helped me when I needed to fill a position very quickly with the qualifications needed.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Has good understanding of our business and the people that are a right fit for our company.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Helps keep me on track. Flexible to my needing to reschedule on short notice. Very friendly and easy to work with.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Excellent interim HR staff.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Extremely quick turnaround with candidate. High quality candidate- exactly what I wanted.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Being provided with numerous (5) QUALIFIED candidates for the Talent Acquisition Business Partner temporary position!” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I have enjoyed a very positive working relationship over 15 years (both from the client and temp employee space).”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I was always greeted with a friendly response and great customer service. Arlington Resources provided a great employee to us.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide] “I just referred an independent consultant to Arlington last week for job opportunities.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I have worked with a number of people at Arlington over the years; and they are really great to work with! Arlington is a well known and well respected agency in the industry and I have learned first-hand why!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Good service, good candidates, good follow up and HR resources.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Highly professional, on-target service. Candidates for contractor and regular placement are very well matched to job and culture. Fulfilling my occasional requests they generously shares their professional observations about the job market, job descriptions, compensation ranges, candidate availability etc.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“We have worked with them for years and most of the time, they come through with good candidates…many of which we have hired over the years.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I have always been pleased with the quality candidates Arlington Resources has provided.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The applicants sent to me where qualified. The person I hired I was very satisfied with during their time at our company. Another positive was their billing system. Sending an email and then paying worked great.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]
“Arlington was able to provide multiple candidates for our request.”
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Candidate Testimonials and Shout Outs

[/vc_column_text][mt_testimonial_slider style=”default-center”][mt_testimonial_slide]“Simply doing what they do so well….going above and beyond and staying in touch! Kudos to Arlington Resources!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Pleasure working with Arlington Resources. They always kept me in mind for appropriate assignments!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I am forever grateful to their dedication and support in helping me find an entry-level Human Resources position from where I can build my career.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Have worked with Arlington for a long time on searches and they continued to reach out. Others wouldn’t be as persistent in trying to find a position for someone. Finally, the position presented was the perfect fit. I wouldn’t have found this position without Arlington Resources.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“They kept in touch with me and coached me through to the end of the search.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Called when an actual job was available.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Checking in, advocating, keeping me informed.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Always available no matter what time of day even day before going out on leave!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“When I was on a particular assignment, I called Arlington to tell them I wasn’t happy at the company. They listened to my concerns and supported my decision to end the assignment early. She was able to place me at another location in a short period of time. They are always positive and pleasant to work with.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington has always been great to work with. They understand the situation with my job search. I appreciate the fact that they contact me with opportunities they feel would be a good fit for me.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Splendid follow up and support.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Rapidly executed forms and documents for the most recent project and worked to setup appropriate payroll to ensure minimal glitches in process as I did not go through normal process when I started this particular project.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington always gets back to me in a timely manner. They go above and beyond to find the right match for me.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington always makes sure any questions are answered promptly and are always so positive to work with!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington Resources has placed me several times in both contract and direct hire roles. They listen and make things happen!! I really appreciate working with them!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The service, communication, updates, follow thru, appreciation and professionalism is impeccable. Everyone that I have had the pleasure to speak with is knowledgeable and informative. Arlington Resources is top notch!!!”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington Resources was excellent every step of the way in my current assignment.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I am kept well informed from the start of what my responsibilities would/will be for my assignment. I was also very pleased with the assistance I received with updating my resume. I continue to receive updates on any possible opportunities that are available in my field of marketing and/or administrative assistance.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I’ve worked with Arlington Resources on several occasions and I have always felt like they had my best interest at heart. My recruiter is awesome. She helps you put things in prospective even when things seem crazy on an assignment. I will recommend anyone to Arlington Resources.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I have had good experience working through Arlington.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The person I have been working with has been helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and responsive to all my questions.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The primary reason behind the rating I provided was solely due to the fact that Arlington kept me informed every step of the way during the interviewing process. They dedication and utmost professionalism should be an example to all other staffing agencies.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington Resources is extremely professional and very friendly. I felt confident in their ability to market my resume and they did exactly that! I also appreciated the front office staff and the others I met. They are all very warm and extremely helpful.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Always helpful in finding a good position for me. Very professional and knowing their clients well”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The superior level of service provided. This includes info on the prospective assignment related to both the client and the person to whom we report.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington has always been great to work with. I really appreciate it when they contact me about opportunities they feel would be a good fit for me.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Excellent support and professionalism.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Wonderful recruiters, principals and assigned projects. Very flexible and accommodating.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The temp position I am currently working at has been a great experience. The people are great and the company shares the same values that I find important. My recruiter is wonderful. I would highly recommend Arlington Resources.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I have been so blessed to be placed at a fabulous opportunity, and to have a great team of people to provide timely pay and wonderful surprises like birthday cards signed by the whole team and being named “Employee of the Month”. Everyone at the company has been very responsive to any of my needs or questions. I thank you for allowing me to keep working hard every week!” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“I’ve met with a couple different companies that offer the same resources as Arlington, and in my opinion, and from the experience, Arlington offered the best help. Very friendly, very professional. If I needed something or had a question, it always gets done/answered. When I was in need and desperately looking for a job I felt I could really count on Arlington Resources. I have already referred numerous people in the need for jobs and hope they have as great experience as I have.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Arlington helped me out tremendously when I had a urgent need for employment. Arlington worked extremely hard to get me in a position.” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“The team is WONDERFUL!!!! They help in any and all ways possible!” [/mt_testimonial_slide][mt_testimonial_slide]“Excellent process of matching qualified candidates to employers’ open positions. Arlington provides superior service for both sides of the employment relationship: assisting employers to identify and specify their job role needs, while also, helping candidates formulate their resumes to highlight their skills and prepare for interviews.”[/mt_testimonial_slide][/mt_testimonial_slider][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1491815674548{background-color: #e7eeee !important;}”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner el_class=”partners-logos”][vc_column_text]