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6 Good HR Career Goals to Set for Yourself for Next Year

Working in human resources is a rewarding career, but are you getting enough out of it? If you answered no to this question, then you should set some goals for yourself for the coming year. Figure out what it is you want to change about your HR career and what needs to be improved, and then make a list of goals that support those changes.

Publish Content Related to Your HR Specialty

An excellent goal to set for yourself for 2015 is to publish content related to your specialty. This will help you become an expert in your field and obtain a trusted voice. All of your content should have a two-sentence biography about yourself at the end so readers can learn who you are.

Acquire 20 New Endorsements on LinkedIn

If you want more HR jobs to come your way in 2015, try your best to bring in 20 new endorsements on LinkedIn from your network. Connect with other professionals in the industry and endorse them, if you actually know them. Then, ask for an endorsement in return. The more endorsements you have, the more likely it is that companies will look for you when they need to hire new talent.

Write an HR Book or Special Article

Have you ever wanted to write content that is more in-depth than a blog post or informational article? If so, consider writing an HR book in 2015. This will not only help you build your professional brand, but it will also make you an expert within the industry. The book does not have to be an anthology. Instead, it can be anywhere from 60-80 pages in length and focus on a subject related to a project you recently completed or a problem you solved.

Find an Executive Coach in HR

All professionals, no matter the industry in which they work, should have a mentor. You should make it a goal for 2015 to go one step further and find an executive coach. When you find an executive coach, you will be able to speed up your HR career and even learn some things that might take years to come across.

Start an HR Blog

Have you written guest posts for the blogs of co-workers? If you have, and you enjoyed it, consider starting your own HR blog in 2015. This will help you make a name for yourself in the industry and even attract some potential employers along the way.

Join (Re-join) an HR Association

You should already be a member of an HR association, but if you aren’t, join one in 2015. After joining the organization, consider running for an officer position. This is an excellent item to add to your resume. Go a step further and become a leader in an HR organization, or earn your HR certification finally.

Making goals for 2015 within the human resource industry is vital for your career. Make sure you set at least two that are attainable and that will further your career.