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Trying To Advance To An HR Director Position? Here Are Some Tips

Moving up the corporate ladder in your career in HR can be difficult to do, but it does not have to be impossible. In today’s article, we will discuss the best ways to advance into an HR Director position so you can be as successful as possible.

Requirements for the Position

Before we discuss the tips that can help you become an HR Director, we should outline the requirements necessary for the job. These include anywhere from 5-7 years experience in a human resources department, at least a bachelor’s degree, optional certifications, computer skills and leadership skills. Depending on the company, you might be required to hold a higher degree such as a master’s as well as certifications.

Some of the optional certifications you can earn include Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources and Global Professional in Human Resources.

Consider Earning a Master’s Degree

One of the first tips we can offer you is that it might be a good idea to go back to school and earn a higher degree. That higher degree should be a Master’s degree in any field related to the human resources industry. This could even be a Masters in Business Administration since companies who value HR want their HR folks to have a seat at the table in the “C” suite. When you can list such a degree on your resume you will put yourself on a new level when it comes to competing with other candidates for a director position.

Earn Certifications

Another tip to becoming a Human Resource Director is to earn certifications. Now, we mentioned earlier in this post that certifications can be optional, but you should really consider them if you want to move up the ladder. Even if they are not required for the job, holding certifications in the HR field could put you ahead of the competition for the job.

Experience Counts

Experience counts when trying to become an HR Director. You cannot graduate from college and expect to receive an offer of employment as an HR Director. You will need to work with one or two companies as a general HR professional before climbing the ladder.

You will then need to move into some management positions within the human resource department. After a couple of years working in HR management, you can begin to apply for director positions within your company or other companies. Stable work experience is important to most companies and it takes time to make effective changes within an organization, so keep this in mind.

Build a Network

As you continue your career, you will be able to build a network of trusted colleagues. Make sure that a couple of these colleagues are human resource directors at other companies. They might be able to help you land a director position with their own company or at companies within the industry. The more you take your career seriously, the easier it will be to find a job as an HR Director.