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3 Tips to Write Standout HR Cover Letters

Getting a job in human resources can be tough, particularly if you are new to the field. However, with the right effort and training, it’s possible to get a human resources job and start a long and satisfying career helping organizations manage their human capital. One of the key aspects of getting a job in human resources is writing a cover letter that promotes your interest and background in this industry. This is somewhat different than other types of career cover letters, because hiring managers in this type of role will be scrutinizing your skills a lot more, and expecting top-of-the-industry standards.

Here are some tips for writing a human resources cover letter that will stand out to recruiters and land you an interview.

Use an appealing cover letter format

If there’s one thing you do with your cover letter (and resume) for a human resources job, it’s to use a professional cover letter template that’s visually appealing. This is because hiring managers look at so many of them that they tend to ignore standard-looking documents that are too wordy.

A quick introduction, the main content of the letter in the body, and a short conclusion is a solid way to lay out your letter.

Open up with a powerful statement of value

Your human resources cover letter must express one thing: That you are passionate about human resources and everything that this means to an organization. Start with a strong opening statement that demonstrates your commitment to managing the people aspects of business. Making it tailored to the job requirements or the mission and values of the organization will really stand out.

Include your top three-to-five job relevant talents

To create a standout human resources cover letter, you will need to send your point home by including at least three-to-five of your top attributes. Consider things like how well you manage multiple people, how you work under deadlines, your key knowledge of human resources, and more. When you mention the talents, provide some quick context to show why you possess those talents.

Use a motivating subject line

When sending your cover letter via email, you will want to use a strong subject line that will motivate the recruiter to open your message. Use the job title and share your best trait. For example, you could write, “Human Resources Expert in Growing Businesses through Human Capital” in the subject line.

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