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4 Tips to a Successful Job Search While You Still Have a Job

Whether your current job just isn’t working out or you think you may be searching for a job in the near future, you can be proactive and start job hunting sooner than later. While you can’t be searching for a job while you’re on the clock, you can take steps to set yourself up for finding a better position outside of working hours. Making some mindful decisions and taking the time to do some research will help on your search.

Here are four tips for a successful job search while you still have a job:

1. Don’t share anything with co-workers.

The last thing you need is a co-worker sharing information that you are looking for a new job with a supervisor, boss or other co-workers. Avoid the rumor mill altogether by avoiding the topic when speaking with co-workers. Unless you absolutely trust someone, your job search needs to stay private.

2. Schedule interviews at the right time.

Don’t schedule interviews in the middle of the work day so you have to request time off or lie about an appointment. Try and schedule these appointments before or after work and make sure you are not talking to a prospective employer on the phone or via email when during working hours of the current job. If you do need to schedule an interview during the day, express your concerns with the potential employer and limit your time away to a short period of time. They will understand why you don’t want to be away from the office for multiple hours.

3. Pay attention to your appearance.

If you’re on the job hunt and busy interviewing at other places, don’t make it obvious that you are dressing for a professional office when you work in a casual work environment. Either plan on changing clothes before or after work or have an explanation as to why you are dressing up for the day. This tip can be one that is easily missed. When you show up for work in business professional attire when the normal office culture is business casual, that could be a red flag for your co-workers and manager.

4. Choose references wisely.

It’s unlikely that your current employer will be a good source for a reference if you are planning on quitting or are on the verge of getting let go. You also want to avoid reaching out to anybody that might share the news that you are searching for a job to your current employer. Use professional references that you can trust from past colleagues. The right ones will also understand your need for privacy and respect your desire.

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