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Is HR Certification Worthwhile?

For many employers and HR professionals, completing HR certification tests such as the SPHR and PHR are valuable additions to a resume. These certifications can improve career prospects and also open doors to higher earning opportunities. While challenging, these tests help you develop a strong knowledge base and skills to support your career. If you are considering a career in human resources, you may have wondered whether HR certification is worthwhile. Here’s what you need to know:

Job Opportunities With Certification

You may have a better chance of securing a position in human resources when you have professional certification. Many employers are looking for candidates who have invested in their careers and are keeping their skills up to date. You could get that dream job in a competitive job marketplace just because you are certified and another candidate is not.

Earning Potential With HR Certification

You may be able to earn more throughout your career if you have HR certification. Many employers are willing to pay more for candidates that have invested in their own careers by completing a certification program, attending trainings and workshops, and furthering their education. If you want to earn more than the average in the oncoming years, HR certification could help you reach your income goals sooner than later.

Valued Employees With HR Certification

Many employers value those who have completed additional training beyond the standard degree program or shown a commitment to their career by completing a certification program. You may be a high-value employee in the hiring manager’s eye when they see certifications on your resume. If you are competing for an attractive position with a high-profile company, it’s even more important you stand out from other applicants. Increase your value by completing an HR certification program.

HR certification will be valuable to you throughout your career and is an affordable way to move your career forward. You can complete certification programs through the HR Certification Institute. If you need career guidance and help finding a job in the field of human resources, work with a reputable HR staffing firm. Arlington Resources can help you find the ideal HR job and support for your career.