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Want to Tell a Story in Your Cover Letter? Think Again!

Almost all reputable employers will ask for a cover letter, so you want to make sure you are making a great first impression. You don’t want your cover letter to have the same information as your resume, but you do want to mention some key skills and experience that make you the best candidate for the position you are interested in. Even though you don’t want to talk about your whole career path all over again, there are some things you can do to convey your experience and make a positive impression.

Here are some ways to make your cover letter stand apart from the pack.

Get to the point early on.

Avoid rambling about the opportunity or talking at length about your previous jobs and job duties. Make a clear statement that you are interested in the job and have the skills and experience to excel in this position. Briefly explain how you have made a difference at organizations you have worked for, but keep the focus on the job at hand and how you can contribute.

Share specifics.

If you work in the finance, accounting, or technology field and have excelled at jobs in this industry, be specific about your success by sharing numbers and any statistics related to your performance. Being able to quantify your performance can help your future employer get a better idea of what you are capable of and what your strengths are. Do whatever you can to let them see how well you can perform at the job.

Explain what unique skills and ideas you can bring to the table.

Avoid making the mistake of sharing how great this position will be for your career and resume. The hiring manager isn’t nearly as interested in giving you a career boost as you are, so it’s more important that you focus more on what you can bring to the table. Be sure to highlight how you can help the company succeed and why you feel you would be a valuable addition to the team.

Focus on your strengths.

Hiring managers are looking for specific skills and traits for every position so don’t feel bad about not having skills or experience that would be more fitting for another position. Focus instead on your strengths and the qualities you have that make you different from other candidates.

Customize the cover letter for the employer.

Avoid using canned sentences and messages. Hiring managers read dozens of cover letters with this same type of introduction and messages during the recruiting process, so you want to make sure yours stands apart from the rest. Take the time to write a unique, impactful introduction and make sure you are really connecting with your reader.

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