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3 Advanced LinkedIn Tips to Help Your HR Job Search

When searching for your next HR role, you’ll most likely use LinkedIn as part of your process. Employers and recruiters are often searching the networking site for their next employee or job candidate. You want to ensure your account is as updated, complete and professional as possible. Follow these three advanced LinkedIn tips to help secure your next HR position.

Publish Posts

Start by determining your purpose. Choose something you’re passionate about and will show you as a thought leader. You’ll have plenty of material and an easier time writing your posts. Be sure you provide information and insight to help your readers. They typically want assistance identifying and building on their strengths, performing better at work and achieving personal and professional goals. Stay consistent so your network views you as an expert in your field. Also, ensure you share something personal in each post, such as a problem you encountered and how you handled it, so readers will more easily connect with you. In addition, figure out whether you want to post weekly or biweekly so your audience gets to know you and remains engaged with your brand. Always ensure your work is free of spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors before publishing.

To draw more readers to your posts, enhance their personality. Choose a simple, intriguing cover photo. Write a clear, concise, compelling title. Use tags so people searching for posts like yours can find them. The more specific your tags, the greater your chances of having your posts viewed, liked and commented on.

Share Projects

Let employers and recruiters know what skill sets you possess and individual and group contributions you’ve made throughout your career. Create a project name that includes keyword-specific information for each accomplishment. If your project has a URL, add it to the Project URL field. If you worked with team members who are in your network, add them with the Add Team Member option. Briefly describe each project with more keywords to help your readers understand what your specific, quantifiable accomplishments were. Ensure you link each project to jobs in your Experience section or schools in your Education section. You’ll reinforce your brand and show your value as an employee.

Create a Unique URL  

Because a customized link increases your account visibility, you can use your link for networking. Also, since your customized link is more memorable, employers and recruiters may more easily remember it when they want to access your information.

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