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3 Things to Be Ready to Say When a Recruiter Calls You

As a professional in your field, chances are a recruiter will contact you to see whether you’re interested in changing positions. Because first impressions influence whether you move forward with the process, you need to know how to respond. Here are three things you should be prepared to say when a recruiter calls you.

Thank You for Calling

Make small talk for a few minutes as you decide which direction to go with the recruiter. If it’s not a good time to talk, especially if you’re working, ask the recruiter to call back at a time that better fits your schedule. If you’re satisfied with your current role, thank the recruiter for their interest in you and request they keep you in mind for future opportunities. Also, recommend a professional you know who may be looking for a new position. If you’re interested in learning more about what the recruiter has to offer, continue talking.

I Would Like More Information

Listen, ask questions and take notes on what the recruiter has to say. Find out which company the recruiter works for, including its website and phone number, to verify the recruiter’s honesty. Determine what the job requirements are, including necessary skills and experience. Although the recruiter may not be able to tell you the name of the company that’s hiring, they should be able to mention its products/services, market niche, industry or other details. In addition, ask why the position is open. Perhaps the employee was promoted, quit or is being replaced, or the position is new because of a company expansion. Determine how quickly the role needs to be filled. You need to know how urgent the hiring requirement is and how quickly you must act. Plus, find out what the company culture is like so you know whether you’d fit in. Ask what the salary range is and what benefits are being offered.

I Want to Move Forward

If you’re not interested, thank the recruiter for their time and ask them to follow up with you down the road. If you’d like further details about the position, ask to set up a time to meet with the recruiter. Mention how your skills and experience make you a perfect fit for the role. Demonstrate aspects of your personality and work style that will help you blend with company culture. Show your enthusiasm for securing an interview with the company.

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