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You Want to Switch Industries but Don’t Have Experience – How Can You Get the Job?

If you’re like most workers, you’ll change careers at some point. However, you may be concerned about securing employment in a field where you lack experience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your career change a reality. Follow these guidelines to switch industries without having prior experience.

Prepare to Start Over

You’ll need additional on-the-job training in your new field. Also, you’ll most likely be taking a pay cut because you’re starting from the bottom. You’ll need to remain patient as you develop your professional path and work your way up.

Enhance Your Education

Complete classes or earn certifications or degrees if they may benefit your career. Attend seminars, conferences and networking events to meet professionals in your field and learn more about your industry. Keep up with the latest news and trends to increase your understanding of your field.


Participate in a volunteer role in your field of interest. You’ll gain the skills and experience necessary to list on your resume and help advance your new career. You’ll also get hands-on training to determine whether you truly want to pursue that line of work.

Point Out Transferrable Skills

Set up informational interviews with family, friends or employees in the role you want so you can learn more about what their positions entail. Move beyond job descriptions by asking questions about what the top performers in your field do that others don’t, or what a specific role requires that the company doesn’t discuss. You’ll be better able to uncover aspects of the role you weren’t aware of and determine whether you still want to purse that interest.


Your family, friends and former managers and colleagues can refer you for a position and provide concrete reasons for recommending you. Also, you can update your LinkedIn profile to express your desire for changing careers, reasons you want a new start and how your skills and experience will benefit your next employer. Ensure you mention your additional education, volunteer work and other steps you’ve taken to prepare for your new field. Give examples of how you easily adapt to company culture and will fit in well with your next organization. Furthermore, point out how your new employer can train you as they see fit because you’re new to the field and aren’t bringing along any unwanted behaviors or techniques learned elsewhere.

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