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“Google for Jobs” – A New Job Search Strategy?

One of the latest job-search strategies is Google for Jobs. Candidates can search multiple databases at one time to find positions based on category, title, location and other criteria and have the information displayed in one location. Learn more about Google for Jobs and how to utilize it in your job search.

What Google for Jobs Is 

Because making job openings easier to find results in more qualified candidate applications, Google partnered with LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Facebook to create Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to gather information on job openings from company websites, social media, job search sites and other online sources, and conveniently displays the information in one location.

How Jobs Are Organized

Jobs are organized into categories, eliminating duplicates and listing only current openings. You can search for a combination of the term “job” on Google, such as “jobs near me” or “HR jobs near me,” then view your results in a box with a stripe across the top. You can expand the box at the bottom to modify your search terms by category, title, date posted, city or company type. You can also specify whether you want a full- or part-time job, internship, contract work or other position. In addition, you may view how long ago a job was posted, a description and list of requirements, company reviews, estimated commute time and more. Furthermore, you can apply by clicking a button that takes you to the proper website. Plus, you can click the option to have alerts sent to you when jobs are posted.

Impact on Your Job Search

Google for Jobs will most likely have a positive impact on your job search. For example, Google for Jobs can help you find a position that fits your needs, personality and lifestyle with a company that’s geographically close enough to not significantly impact your family or daily life. Also, Google for Jobs makes your search more efficient by helping you clearly understand job descriptions and company culture to better evaluate whether to apply for a role. In addition, Google for Jobs organizes openings with varying titles and responsibilities, such as “Marketing Manager,” “Digital Marketing Manager” or “Marketing Specialist Level 2,” so you can more efficiently search for appropriate positions. In addition, Google for Jobs can let you know which skills are increasing or decreasing in demand and which are most needed in your geographic area or age range to further enhance your career development.

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