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Ready for a New Job After a Decade? Don’t Spin Your Wheels – Talk to an Expert!

After working for the same company for 10 years, finding a new employer can be challenging. Although you possess a wide skill set and vast amount of experience, you don’t want hiring managers to think you’re behind other candidates who regularly change employers. Here are four methods you can use when changing jobs after a decade with the same company.

Create an Effective Resume

Summarize your skills and experience that make you a desirable candidate. List your qualifications relevant to the position; leave off any information that’s more than 10 years old and/or not related to the role. Highlight various positions you’ve held for the past 10 years to show you’ve moved up in the organization and been given increased responsibility. Plus, list your biggest accomplishments over the past decade to show how you grew professionally.

Show You Are an Expert in Your Industry

Set a Google Alert to stay updated on industry news and trends. Participate in LinkedIn Groups to position yourself as a thought leader. Take classes to continue learning about your field. Regularly blog about your industry to share information, provide insight into and answer questions about current topics.


Specifically state what industry you want to work in and type of role you’re seeking. Ask whether someone can introduce you to a hiring manager or executive in their organization who may be able to help you find a job. In addition, participate in professional seminars, conferences and associations so you can make additional connections who can help with your search. Furthermore, thank each individual you talk with.

Work With a Recruiter

A recruiter has strong connections with hiring managers and knows about unadvertised openings. Also, because the recruiter knows exactly what a hiring manager is looking for, a recruiter can help polish your resume and coach you on interviewing techniques. In addition, a recruiter can highlight your selling points to hiring managers and help position you as the best candidate for a role. Furthermore, a recruiter can help negotiate a higher salary and benefits package if you’re offered a job.

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