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Our Top HR Job Search Tips From 2017

As we finish up the current year, you may be thinking about changing jobs in the new year. If so, you’ll want to review some of our best search ideas from the past 12 months. Here are our top HR job search tips from 2017.

Gain HR Certification

Certification such as the SPHR and PHR help you develop a strong knowledge base, add to your skill set and increase your income. Also, earning HR certification shows you’re interested in ongoing learning and furthering your career. Candidates with HR certification provide additional value to employers and are more in-demand in the workforce.

Appropriately Job Search While Still Employed

If you’re searching for a new job, it’s best to do so when you’re still employed. Schedule interviews before or after work so you don’t have to take off during the day or make up stories about where you’re going. Change clothes for your interview in a location where nobody at your workplace will see you. In addition, avoid telling your co-workers you’re looking for a new job so your boss doesn’t find out. Furthermore, ask former colleagues, supervisors or upper management to serve as references so your current co-workers don’t say anything about your job search.

Prepare for When a Recruiter Calls You

Thank the recruiter for calling. Make small talk while determining whether to continue your discussion now or ask the recruiter to call you later. If you’re not interested in changing roles, politely ask the recruiter to keep you in mind for future opportunities. If you are interested, continue talking. Listen, ask questions and take notes on what the recruiter says. Find out the recruiter’s company name, website and phone number to verify their authenticity. Ask about the job requirements, the company’s products/services, market niche, industry and other details. Uncover why the position is open, when it needs to be filled by and what the company culture is like. If you’re not interested, thank the recruiter for their time and ask them to follow up in the future. If you want to move forward, set up an interview with the recruiter.

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