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Your Best Recruitment Materials Come From Your Own Employees!

When planning your company’s recruitment strategy, be sure to include your employees. They’re the ones who can best advocate for your organization and encourage others to become employees and/or customers. Here are three ways to involve your employees in the recruiting process.

Share Company Information on Social Media

Employees can share company news, events and achievements to demonstrate their pride in working for your company. Also, employees can promote your products/services, demonstrate what company culture is like and increase your credibility as a preferred employer. In addition, employees can advertise job openings, encourage qualified members of their network to apply and connect them with the hiring manager.

Write Online Company Reviews

Because the reviews provide a firsthand account of what it’s like working for your organization, job candidates use the reviews to determine whether they’ll fit with company culture and should apply for a position. Employees can discuss their typical interactions with co-workers, constructive feedback from managers and promotions employees have earned. Employees can also mention what encourages them to come to work each day, what they enjoy most about their role and how they help the company move forward. In addition, employees can mention how long they’ve worked for your organization and why they remain loyal to it.

Be Brand Ambassadors

Since employees provide an authentic point of view about your company, including how your products/services benefit customers and what separates you from the competition, others are more inclined to believe what’s said about your organization. Therefore, your employees need to be kept current on the latest business developments so they can communicate your company’s innovation to existing and prospective customers. Your employees can show why they feel personally invested in your company because of the meaningful experiences they’ve had. In addition, employees can encourage others to interact with your company and build a sense of community.

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