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Facebook Jobs – Why It Could Be Where You Find Your Next Job

Like most people, you may actively use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends. However, you may not have used the site as part of your job search. Find out why Facebook Jobs could be the place you find your next position.

What Facebook Jobs Is

Facebook Jobs lets small to midsize companies in the United States and Canada post positions in the Jobs tab on their Business Page and run the openings in their News Feed and the News Feeds of followers. Users can search up to a 100-mile radius of any location and sort by industry category, part-time/full-time/contract jobs/internships and more. Candidates press the “Apply Now” button, have part of their application prepopulated from their profile, and enter the rest of the information. They create a short cover letter explaining why they are the best candidate for the position and submit the application through Messenger. Users can share the posts with friends who may be interested or tag people looking for a new role. Employers can track applications and engage with candidates through Facebook.

Why Facebook Jobs Exists

Leaders at Facebook wanted to make the social media company more useful in users’ everyday lives. They noticed that small businesses were facing hiring challenges and many workers are open to higher-paying jobs even when satisfied with their current position. Also, because many hiring managers and recruiters research candidates on Facebook to gain additional insight into their true selves, adding job applications seemed a natural fit. Since most candidates search online for their next position, bringing together companies and candidates seemed a logical transition.

How Facebook Jobs Differs From LinkedIn

Whereas Facebook Jobs focuses on lower-skilled workers and passive candidates, LinkedIn focuses on highly skilled professionals who are actively looking for a role. Facebook targets part-time/hourly workers who may be applying for a range of jobs while LinkedIn targets salaried professionals who use their high levels of education and experience to seek a narrow range of roles.

How to Clean Up Your Facebook Profile

Hiring managers are looking at your communication skills, creativity, networking ability, involvement in your community, maturity level and whether you will fit with company culture. Therefore, delete all jokes about how you should be doing something productive rather than being on Facebook, which shows a lack of self-discipline. Take off pictures involving people wearing skimpy clothing, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs or other unprofessional images. Remove posts about your political views, religious beliefs or sexuality along with racist, sexist or discriminatory comments or jokes. Such topics will not be tolerated in the workplace. Update your profile to share information you would like hiring managers to know. Ensure you participate in professional groups. Say positive things about others. Correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

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