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Want to Avoid Automation During Your Job Search? Then Do This

If you want to avoid automation during your job search, then focus on networking. Use your personal, professional, academic or familial contacts to learn more about your industry, find your next role and reach your career goals.

Reassess Your Qualifications

Because industries and professions change over time, you need to know what knowledge, skills and abilities you possess and which you need to gain to stay marketable in the workforce. Networking with employees and managers can provide insight into the technical skills required in your industry and what salary expectations are realistic for the position you want. Ensure you have your elevator speech ready, so you can discuss your background and what roles you may be best equipped for.

Learn About the Hidden Job Market

The majority of vacancies, especially for top-level professionals, are not mentioned publicly. They are filled through word of mouth and/or recruiters. Therefore, you want to use LinkedIn and other social media sites to form connections with employees and employers in your industry, from your alma mater or in your geographic area. Participate in local networking events to meet new people and develop relationships. You may be able to uncover hidden job openings. Because fewer candidates participate in the hidden job market, you face less competition when interviewing and increase your chances of being offered a position.

Cultivate Your Support System

Finding a job is time-consuming, challenging and stressful. You need other professionals to encourage you when things are not going your way. You can voice your concerns, ask for help and celebrate when you land your new position.

Develop Your Career

Participation in professional groups and business associations provides guidance on continuing education and professional development. You stay current on industry news and trends and the latest technology. Your taking the initiative to build on your talents and skill set and increase your productivity makes you more attractive to employers. You may even get hired through an employee referral or by having a casual conversation on LinkedIn.

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