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Do LinkedIn Endorsements Really Matter?

LinkedIn endorsements are similar to Facebook likes. First-degree connections click “endorse” next to your skills, and the profile displays responses. Profile viewers see all the endorsements for each skill, which adds validity to the profile. The more endorsements a person has, the higher they rank in LinkedIn searches. Having greater visibility results in a stronger brand, more engaged network, and increased opportunities from recruiters and hiring managers.

Why Endorsements Are Important

LinkedIn states that people who have five or more skills listed receive up to 17 times more profile views. To increase your presence, recruiters recommend highlighting 25 skills. Listing relevant skills on your profile signals proficiency in your work and makes you more attractive to employers. The more views that come from a recruiter, hiring manager or other industry insider, the more opportunities come your way.

Give and Receive Endorsements

Giving and receiving LinkedIn endorsements is a simple process. Start by identifying your most essential skills. You can review colleagues’ and peers’ profiles and choose the skills that apply to you. You also can review job descriptions similar to yours and list the keywords that are most frequently used. Next, list your skills in order of importance. If you are looking to advance your career, change industries or return to the workforce, list your transferable skills so they match your objectives. Then, proactively give endorsements to your connections. Ensure you have witnessed proficiency in the skill and can give examples of how the person exhibited it. If your connections do not reciprocate with endorsements, politely ask whether they will attest to a specific skill or two of yours. Your goal is to have at least 70 recommendations on each priority skill.

Keep Your Endorsements Current

One key to having a strong profile is listing current skills and endorsements employers are looking for. For example, take off endorsements for skills many people have, such as Microsoft Word. Also, if you get endorsed for a skill you do not have or by a person who hardly knows you, remove the skill and hide the endorsement.

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