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Are Your Social Media Profiles Costing You Job Interviews?

Along with your resume, your social media profiles play a role in whether you get called in for a job interview. A hiring manager may turn to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or other social media to determine how you engage with others, what skills and experience make you best suited for the role, and whether you would blend with company culture. To increase your chances of landing an interview, ask yourself the following questions about your social media profiles.

Are You Inactive?

A hiring manager wants to see how you participate on social media. Interacting with an audience lets you showcase your ability to network, curate content, and engage with others. Sharing on social media a few times each week is a good start. Ensure your posts are smart, funny, insightful, interesting, or creative to attain maximum effect.

Is Your Profile Private?

A hiring manager wants to find you online. If your profile is set to private, they may think you have something to hide or nothing to show. Either scenario may cause your resume to be overlooked. The manager may wonder about your background, especially if you are a tech professional. However, they may be less concerned if you have a well-managed LinkedIn and Twitter presence for professional use, but a private Facebook page for personal use.

Did You Purchase Fake Followers?

A hiring manager wants to see authentic connections on your social media profiles. Your number of followers has no meaning in the professional world. You are better off being followed by influencers or other industry leaders and actively participating in professional organizations and publications. Even if you have a smaller following, you maintain a greater impact on your community. A hiring manager is more interested in how you interact with followers, build relationships, and express your creativity. They want to see what type of contributions you may provide a company based on how you add value to an online discussion.

Do You Post Offensive Content?

A hiring manager wants to see work-appropriate content on your social media accounts. To start with, use a professional profile picture and your real name. Also, avoid posting offensive pictures, words, jokes, comments, or other material. Instead, post about spending time with your family and friends, volunteering for a nonprofit organization, participating in community events, or other work-appropriate content. A hiring manager wants to see that you have a variety of interests, fit with company culture, and interact well with others.

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