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Is Your Commute a Snooze? Try These Podcasts!

Your daily commute is the perfect time for staying current in your industry. You can listen to podcasts that keep you inspired, educated and informed about HR. With emerging use of technology, new employment regulations, and a younger and more diverse workforce, it is more important than ever to stay informed about and adapt to industry changes.

HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour is hosted by Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, and Trish McFarlane, HR Executive, writer and speaker. The team presents materials, news, and best practices focused on management, leadership, workforce technology and more. Topics include

Using Culture and Feedback to Evolve Performance Management, Hiring Success with Recruitment Automation, and Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company.

HRExaminer Radio Hour

HRExaminer Radio Hour is hosted by John Sumser, Principal Analyst of HRExaminer, an independent analyst firm covering HR technology and the intersection of people, tech and work. John and a featured guest engage in conversation about emerging ideas in HR and recruiting. Academics, authors, strategists and practitioners share their stories. Stacey Harris, who created the industry’s longest-running survey, talks with John every Thursday about the week in HRTech.

The Employment Law & HR Podcast  

The Employment Law & HR Podcast is hosted by Alison Colley, self-employed attorney at Real Employment Law Advice. She keeps HR professionals updated on law and best practices for managing and recruiting staff and dealing with work issues as they arise. With constant changes in HR and employment law, Alison shares current information in a way that is easy to listen to, understand and implement. Topics include Health and Safety at Work, What Can You Do If You Find Out an Employee Has a Criminal Conviction, and A Focus on Unfair Dismissal Decisions.

Nine-to-Thrive HR

Nine-to-Thrive HR is hosted by Human Capital Institute, a company focused on innovations that help organizations maximize employee impact. Human Capital Institute delivers educational content to HR teams, talent management leaders and business executives to help plan, build, and develop the workforce. The team provides insight on talent acquisition and analytics, engagement, retention and development from thought leaders, authors, academics and leading HR practitioners from Fortune 1000 companies. Topics include Strategic Workforce Planning and People Analytics Linked by Change, Tech and Data; Performance Management Done Differently Outshines the Baseline; and Ambiguity in Your Office? Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

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