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Stand Out During Your HR Job Search With These Tips!

In today’s business world, being qualified for a role is not enough. With the rise in opportunities for education, experience and training, you face more competition than ever before. For this reason, you need to show employers what makes you unique and why they should hire you rather than another candidate. Here are some tips to stand out during your HR job search.

Present Yourself Professionally

Have a complete job history on your resume that includes a few years in each role. Also, list the top accomplishments that are relevant to the position you want. Connect in a personable way during phone and in-person interviews while pointing out your qualifications. Demonstrate that you have ties to the community and are looking for a long-term opportunity. Plus, ask about company culture to determine whether you will blend in.

Demonstrate Your Brand

Display your professional brand. For instance, thoroughly fill in your LinkedIn profile with your skills, experience, accomplishments and other qualifications that make you unique. Use LinkedIn to ask current and former colleagues to write recommendations, and actively participate in LinkedIn Groups in your profession. Furthermore, post videos on LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media of you explaining your thoughts on a topic in your field or why you are passionate about what your work.

Conduct Research

Learning all you can about a company’s products/services, culture, role, interviewers, industry and competitors shows genuine interest. Find out whether you have a mutual connection who can provide an introduction. Your chances of being hired will increase with a referral. Additionally, if you have no direct experience with the position you want, demonstrate how your skills will transfer. Prepare stories of similar successes with previous employers and how you can help your next employer. Think of questions you can ask to gain additional information about the company or role.

Follow Up

Send a short thank-you note to each interviewer. Mention a few topics you discussed to help the interviewer remember you. Point out three reasons why you are the best candidate for the role. If you do not hear back by the decision deadline, follow up with a short phone call asking whether the position has been filled. Restate your interest in helping the company. If you do not hear back within a week, follow up with a quick email asking whether the position has been filled.

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