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10 Wonderful Perks of Working in Chicago!

If you have ever traveled to Chicago, you may have indulged in the food, shopping or other attractions that draw visitors from around the globe. If you enjoyed being a tourist in the Windy City, imagine what it would be like to work there! You could take advantage of what drew you there in the first place and indulge in it on the regular.

1. City Setting

Working in Chicago means you get all the perks of a city without feeling like you’re in a concrete jungle. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and parks to help you unwind.

2. Convenient Travel

When you work in the Windy City, you can easily travel for business or pleasure. With Midway and O’Hare airports serving the metropolitan area, you have a variety of options for well-timed flights.

3. Public Transportation

Thanks to public transportation, getting around Chi-Town and outlying suburbs is easy. The L, or elevated train system, offers 24-hour service on some parts. Since the L is above ground, you can use your mobile device while riding.

4. International Food

As an employee in Chicago, you have seemingly unlimited access to international cuisine. The food truck scene may satisfy a quick lunch away from the office. Perhaps you are addicted to Chicago-style hot dogs, deep-dish pizza or Italian beef. Or, you may want to take family and friends to a fancy restaurant over the weekend.

 5. Entertainment

The Windy City offers top-notch entertainment. There are museums, art centers and foodie festivals. You can find theaters, golf courses and professional sports teams your company may have season tickets to. A diverse selection of bars and restaurants are available for networking, meeting colleagues, and winding down.

 6. Job Opportunities

Job opportunities abound in Chi-Town. You can work with some of the best colleagues who may be among the top accounting and finance professionals in the world.

7. Paid Sick Leave

Companies operating in Chicago are required to provide paid sick leave. Sick leave is earned beginning when an employee has performed at least two hours of work in a two-week period and accrues immediately after being hired.

8. Cultural Diversity

The Windy City provides plenty of cultural diversity. Having colleagues from a variety of races, nationalities, and backgrounds provides the skills and experience needed to complete team projects.

9. Midwestern Manners

Chi-Town offers midwestern manners with a global pulse. With an educated workforce and international travel hub, the city has a relaxed atmosphere while playing a vital role in the worldwide economy.

10. Cost of Living

Chicago has a lower cost of living than many other major American cities. No matter your age, family status or stage in your career, you should be able to live a comfortable lifestyle.

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