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Is Your Boss Invested in Your Career Growth?

Like many professionals, you may excel in your role but not see clear opportunities for advancement with your employer. To make things worse, your manager may not effectively discuss career development during performance meetings. Because moving forward in your career is up to you, you need to sit down with your boss and encourage them to become more invested in your path. Follow these guidelines to make sure your boss is invested in your career growth.

Perform Your Job Well

Point out how you excel at your core duties and specific ways your contributions benefit the company. Mention the additional projects you take on and classes you participate in to enhance your knowledge and skills. Request new areas to focus on to implement what you learn and increase your experience level. Show you are willing to invest in your growth and would like your boss’s support.

Show the Benefits You Provide

Point out how additional training helps you work on new projects or reach additional key performance indicators. Mention how you take on colleagues’ tasks when their workload is too heavy, reducing turnaround time for small requests. Point out where you perform well and how that can set you up for success in your next role. Ask what your next steps are to move up in the organization. 

Create a Career Development Plan

For instance, share how you would like to learn additional best HR practices and found an upcoming seminar dealing with the subject. Ask whether there is room in the budget to cover the cost. Anticipate potential objections or hesitations over what you want along with reasonable answers. Also, work with your boss on determining your next steps to develop your career. For instance, your boss may suggest you shadow a colleague on a project that fits your interest and will help develop your skills.

Regularly Talk About Your Career Path

Have regular conversations with your boss about your career development. For instance, during a check-in, talk about the areas of improvement you see for yourself and how you can work together to make them reality. Continue to find small ways you can grow over time that lead to big changes in the future. Share where you see yourself in one, three and five years. Consider which skills you want to develop, experiences you want to gain, and knowledge you want to acquire. Share how they can help solve business problems.

Invest in Your HR Career Growth

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