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Thinking About a Career Change? How to Know When You’re Ready to Make the Switch.

If you’ve been working in the same job or field for years, it may be time for a change. Although you might be comfortable knowing what to expect each day, you aren’t able to progress professionally. Stepping off the path may seem like a major risk, but it also can lead to more happiness than you ever imagined. Here are five signs that show when you’re ready to make a career change.  

Your Job DoesnFocus on Your Priorities 

If your job doesn’t match your priorities, it’s time to move on. Think about what truly matters to you and what you want to accomplish in life. Determine how you want to spend your time and build a life around what matters most. 

You Want to Make a Bigger Impact   

If you want to be more influential in the world than your job allows, find a role that supports your goal. You’re here to make a mark on the world, and you need to determine what it will be. Let that impact guide your career choice. If you have in mind a specific difference you want to make, find a career path that will help you maximize your impact.   

You Can’t Wait for Friday 

If you drag through each workday waiting for Friday, you need to change jobs. Your feelings of distress, anxiety or depression will increase over time. Almost every day should be engaging and productive. It’s possible to do work you love and look forward to Mondays. You can have fun all weekend and want to return to the office to continue your projects.  

You’re Bored 

If you feel bored at work, you need a more challenging job. Perhaps you’ve been in the same position for years and need to advance. You might want to gain new skills and overcome new challenges. Maybe you want to enter an entirely new field. Think about what you’d like to try and begin exploring other career options. Learn about subjects that interest you. Sign up for a stimulating class. Learn a new skill you’ve wanted to master.   

You Envy Others’ Careers 

If you feel envious when others discuss their jobs, you’ll be happier finding a similar one. Determine what specifically you’re jealous of. It may be their work hours, job duties or remote work options. It could be the company they work for, work-life balance or paid time off. Think about what you want in a job and make the switch.   

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