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Want to Improve Your Culture: 4 Ways to Tell Your Employees Thank You!

The most desirable company culture includes showing gratitude for the people who work there. Because everyone wants to feel acknowledged, valued and respected, you need to express appreciation for the ways your employees contribute to the organization. Here are four ways to improve your company culture by telling your employees, “thank you.”  

Write a Thank-You Note

Take a few minutes to hand-write a thank-you note. A little bit of effort goes a long way, and kind words are extremely powerful. They help employees get through a tough day. Physical notes can be held onto and reread for significantly more impact than an email. Plus, a compliment means more to employees than a monetary reward. Be sure you put thought into the note. For instance, focus on what your employees did well, how it relates to their unique strengths, and how it helps the organization. Include what you appreciate most about the employee. Recognize a challenge they overcame. Praise the employee for behavior they displayed that you want to see more of. Authenticity is important. 

Purchase a Personalized Gift

Reward an employee with a gift that fits their interest. Use your conversations for building rapport to find out what they’re passionate about and what they enjoy doing outside the office. Customize an appropriate gift to show you understand them. Perhaps you’ll purchase a book on a subject that interests them, or an inexpensive item related to their favorite hobby. Your employees might decide to keep their gifts on their desks as a reminder that you care about them.

Hand Out Company Swag

Commemorate reaching individual and team goals by giving out company swag. Show how important those achievements are with tangible, work-related items that represent all the effort your employees put in and the results they achieved. Shirts, caps, bags, keychains and other company swag represent pride in their work and show that their contributions matter.

Provide Food and Beverages

Celebrate your employees by surprising them with food. For instance, take your employees out for their birthday, a special occasion, or just because you value them. Set up pizza delivery or in-office catering for lunch. Bring in bagels, bakery or another special treat. Provide coffee or ice cream for a mid-afternoon break. Ask your employees to join you in bringing theme-based dishes to share each month. Everyone can socialize while enjoying delicious food.    

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