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How to Automate Training While Still Keeping the Personal Touch

Training your employees is vital to business success. Employees who are learning in their role tend to stay with an employer longer. Providing automated training opportunities through e-learning, virtual reality (VR) technology and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered coaches provide competitive advantages. As impactful as HR technology is for training employees because you’re dealing with people, you still need humans involved in the process. Here are a few ways you can automate training while keeping the personal touch. 

Decide How Much Technology Is Enough

Although the use of technology is widespread and often expected, people don’t prefer technology over human contact. Even Millennials, who embrace technology, prefer human interaction along with using apps and screens. As a result, before deciding which training technology to purchase, look at your entire range of employee touchpoints to determine if you have a good balance. Invest in automation that still requires human interaction to enhance the training process. For instance, find an AI coaching solution that offers a direct connection to mentors for when they’re needed to answer questions or provide guidance. Or, look for ways to add human connections to automated training to improve engagement and provide a real-world application. 

Personalize Learning & Development

Use AI, machine learning and human solution providers to tailor learning & development (L&D) material to the needs of each employee. For instance, break down the training content into smaller chunks, so it’s easier to navigate and learn. Involve HR professionals who are experts in analyzing and recommending comprehensive solutions and can work with vendors to improve your existing training applications and platforms. These professionals can help create new versions that reward individuality and the personal touch in your technology. 

Customize On-Demand Training

Implement dedicated learning management systems (LMSs) to automate flexible training, then have managers set up one-on-ones to ensure employees are applying what they learned. For instance, you may choose context-aware learning, which reads where an employee is struggling and what they’re working on outside the LMS to recommend relevant courses automatically. You could add virtual coaches to extend such capabilities by combining learning methods and support from internal performance data to deliver feedback in real-time on how well staff are performing while working. Virtual coaches can comment on progress in applying learned concepts to work tasks, recommend email wording when talking with leadership and provide career advice based on preferences and competencies. Managers then follow up with employees to ensure they’re applying their new knowledge to everyday tasks.

Keep the Personal Touch

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