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5 HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

The new decade promises continued evolution for the HR industry. HR professionals are encouraged to continue networking, learning and taking risks in order to prepare for what’s ahead. Because many of today’s best practices were formed under very different business conditions, they may become obsolete in the next 10 years. Be sure you watch out for these five HR trends to stay marketable in 2020.

Strategic Thinking Will Be a Core Competence

HR professionals will be strategic partners within the company. C-suite executives will partner with HR to make accurate predictions based on business goals and metrics surrounding lagging indicators, such as time-to-fill or per-employee training spend. Since these responsibilities require in-house expertise, new job titles may be created. HR professionals could transition to HR business professionals because they understand HR responsibilities as well as business operations and strategy. 

HR Specialists Will Be More In-Demand Than Generalists

Since there will be more specialized HR roles, HR generalists will take a backseat to specialists. With the changing regulations regarding employment law and benefits compliance with the Affordable Care Act, the employment landscape will become more complex. Specialization will be needed to fulfill those responsibilities.

HR Will Depend More on Analytics and Big Data

HR professionals will need to embrace big data and analytics to add additional value to their employers. Because the career path of HR professionals depends more on analyzing data and metrics than ever before, they need to use talent management software to measure turnover ratios, employee engagement levels, the average timeframe for staff to be ready for promotion or percentage of top candidates to be hired by the company.  

Managing a Remote Workforce Will Be the Norm

Because companies will be leveraging employees where and when they’re most productive and impactful, HR professionals will need to learn to manage a remote workforce. Automation and different expectations will help to resolve the issue. Technology will evaluate the work production rather than the working time. Results will be more important than time put in. HR must produce more result-driven performance analytics.

Recruiting Will Become Similar to Marketing

Recruiting will be more like marketing. For instance, recruiters will identify and target specific micro-segments of job seekers or job holders to bring into the organization. HR will behave similarly to internal marketing by using social marketing and brand ownership to encourage outside talent to work for the company.

Stay on Top of HR Trends

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