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How to Keep Your HR Team Motivated Post-Holidays

Motivating your HR team after the holidays can be challenging. Team members often are stressed out about having a mountain of work to complete, email to go through, and year-end goals to accomplish. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ease your team back into their workweek. Here are six ways to keep your HR team motivated after the holidays.

Understand Personal Motivations

Find out specific things that motivate each team member to perform their best. Bonuses, paid time off, and remote work options are among the top motivators. Use each staff member’s motivators to encourage them to remain productive.

Learn to Be a Better Manager  

Since you may not receive effective management training on the job, pursue these opportunities on your own. Because employees typically quit because of poor management, do all you can to improve your impact. Find a mentor, take a class, or hire a coach. Read management books and apply what you learn. Show your team you have their backs. Support them, however you can.

Show How Employees Benefit the Company

Share how your team members individually and collectively impact the organization. They need to know specifically how their efforts help maintain operations and contribute to the bottom line. Knowing how a teammate’s work affects everyone in the company helps them see the big picture. Understanding why their tasks benefit the organization as a whole keeps them engaged and doing their best.

Make Staffing Adjustments

If you need to replace certain team members or bring new ones aboard, do so. Consider letting go of underperforming teammates who expect others to pick up the slack. Transfer team members who request to work in another department. Cross-train staff who want to learn additional skills and fill in during coworker absences. Coach team members who want to advance to the next level.

Create a Pleasant Environment

Make your team’s work area as comfortable as possible. Provide as much natural light as possible to enhance feelings of wellbeing. Increase productivity by creating separate workspaces with the resources needed to complete tasks. Allow teammates to take breaks, share pictures and talk about their holiday celebrations.    

Set Project Goals

Guide your team on which projects need to be completed based on priority. Since your staff wants to clear their desks and meet deadlines, they won’t be focused on long-term goals. To help out, create manageable project goals and short-term objectives for team members to stay engaged and productive. Ensure everyone is on the same page and understands what their role is in finishing projects before the deadline. Hold everyone accountable for their work. 

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