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5 Tech Trends That Are Impacting the Recruiting Industry

Recruitment technology enhances the candidate experience and increases efficiency for HR professionals. It promotes your brand and culture on online platforms, streamlines the application process, and speeds up hiring decisions. This helps your company attract and retain the best talent.   

You may want to implement one of these five tech trends to improve your recruiting process.

Robotic Recruiters  

Robotic recruiters take automation to a new level. AI-based robot Tengai conducts automated, unbiased interviews. Vera is an animated chatbot being used by US companies to fill jobs, automates the sourcing and screening process using job descriptions to search for candidates and a script to ask interview questions. Matilda, a robot that reads and responds to emotions, is being tested to conduct interviews for sales jobs. Candidates are screened sitting across from Matilda and answering her questions.  

Data Analytics

Data analytics convert raw data into information that allows for more effective recruitment decisions. HR professionals gain insights into which talent sources are best serving them, how effective internal hiring is compared to external hiring, and when preventable costs are incurred. Recruitment analytics improve the candidate experience by uncovering problem areas and the most effective touchpoints. HR professionals use the information to refine the recruiting process and optimize measurable results.    

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) streamline the recruitment process. AR and VR create an immersive virtual surrounding where candidates experience real-world situations and challenges. Recruiters evaluate how candidates react, including whether their behavior is appropriate for the situation and in line with company culture. Recruiters use motion tracking and VR/AR software to get data to simulate, evaluate, and improve candidates’ skill sets. AR and VR also are used to simulate a typical workday for candidates to determine whether they like it.

Cloud Software-as-a-Service  

Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides scalable options for recruiting software. Automated sourcing uses AI to find candidates through specific databases, then creates an easy-to-read profile highlighting relevant skills and experience from resumes. AI discovers behavior patterns and assesses candidates based on social profiles. It can track talent pools and predict when candidates may change jobs. Candidate relationship management (CRM) software lets recruiters track email campaigns, schedule interviews, send reminders about evaluations after interviews, and provide feedback to candidates.  

Job Aggregators

Job aggregators offer the potential for free job advertising. They use spiders and bots to scour company career pages, job boards, social networks, association sites, and related pages to find job openings to add to their database. When a listing with a separate URL is picked up, the candidate is directed to the original location to apply. Job aggregators also are a great place to see competitors’ listings and compare job descriptions, benefits, and wages.

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