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What Do HR Candidates Actually Want in a Career?

Knowing what makes your company attractive to HR candidates is important. You want to interest the best professionals for your organization and have them stay for a long time. One way to do this is by offering benefits that many HR candidates are looking to encourage them to interview with you.

Beyond the typical benefits employees often receive from employers, companies need to refresh their benefits package to address the needs of their workforce. consider adding these benefits that today’s HR candidates are looking for in a robust job offer.

Caregiver Benefits

With Millennials comprising over half the workforce, and many Millennials caring for aging parents, caregiver benefits are in demand. Many companies offer care-assistance plans for employees caring for their parents. Others provide respite care for employees to take a break from caring for their spouse during a serious or chronic illness such as cancer, or stepping in to care for their grandchild. Some companies offer benefits that provide assistance navigating the documentation, lifestyle changes, and emotional toll of caregiving. This may include legal resources to assist with agreements and contracts or assistance with caregiving services to find long-term care facilities.  

Financial Wellness Programs

Due to the ongoing focus on financial literacy, access to financial-planning tools is highly desirable. Student loans, credit cards, childcare, and retirement planning are among the top financial concerns for HR professionals. Access to online platforms, services, and advisors to assist with budgeting, investing, preparing for future expenses, and managing finances reduces stress and uncertainty about financial wellness. 

Student Loan Repayment Assistance  

Since a significant number of HR professionals are graduating with school loans, repayment assistance is extremely attractive. This helps them manage their expenses and forecast their financial needs as they reduce their amount of student debt. Some employers even make 401 (k) matching contributions tied to employees’ student loan payments. This helps staff pay off debt while saving for retirement. Other employers offer loan payments in exchange for employees not taking paid time off. Or, they provide a payroll deduction plan to make loan payments or onsite financial advice for paying off student debt.

Mental Health Care Benefits

With more employees than ever facing stress and burnout, mental health care benefits and initiatives are a top priority. A number of employers provide anti-stigma campaigns and training for managers to recognize mental health issues and offer appropriate assistance. Many companies bring in counselors, offer virtual mental health counseling, or provide reduced medication copays to help employees.  

Customized Benefits

Personalized benefits that meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce add value to HR candidates’ lives. Whereas Millennials often prefer daycare assistance or fitness reimbursement programs, Baby Boomers tend to want long-term disability insurance. Most members of any generation want greater levels of employer-paid healthcare.

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