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How to Balance Speed and Quality When Hiring

In today’s competitive environment, a low time-to-hire is imperative. With skills gaps in most industries, competition for talent is high. Although quick hiring is important, bringing aboard the right candidate is necessary as well. You don’t want to invest additional resources by making a bad hire and having to start the process over. As a result, you need to focus on finding quality candidates and bringing them aboard in a short amount of time.

Here are some ways to reduce your hiring time without sacrificing quality.

Maximize Your Data  

Use your data to evaluate your hiring process thoroughly. Start by determining your average time-to-hire. Although it may vary based on the role and department, create a baseline of what it takes to hire for certain types of positions. Use your data to uncover steps in your hiring process that may be slowing down or stopping progress. Talk with your team about ways to resolve the issues and move forward.

Use the Right Tools

Implement the necessary tools to speed up your hiring process. If job postings and descriptions aren’t bringing in qualified candidates, talk with hiring managers to determine which skills and experience truly are necessary. Tailor the job postings and descriptions accordingly. Tap into employees’ social networks by implementing a referral program. Use chatbots to sort data about each candidate’s profile, background, work history, and related criteria to determine whom to meet with. Include a mobile scheduling app to set up interviews. Or, send candidates a list of interview questions to answer through video. Consider outsourcing your candidate screening needs.

Pursue Active Job Seekers

Seek active job candidates rather than passive ones. Active job seekers are more readily available than passive ones. They have a current resume, quickly return phone calls, and set up interviews. In contrast, passive job seekers are busy with work, business travel, and other activities. They’re less likely to have an updated resume, return phone calls in a short amount of time, or set up interviews as soon as possible.

Balance Speed and Quality in Your Hiring Process

Use the data you have on your hiring process to determine where snags are coming up. Figure out ways to smooth them out and strengthen your outcomes. Implement the latest technology to handle administrative tasks, providing more time to cultivate relationships with candidates. Purse active job seekers who want to meet with you as soon as possible rather than passive candidates who may take longer.  

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