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Simple Ways to Improve Your HR Candidate’s Experience

Creating a better experience for your HR candidates keeps your company competitive. Candidates are more likely to remain throughout your entire recruiting process when they build rapport with the hiring manager, feel their time is respected during interviews. The process doesn’t take too long. Because many candidates share their experience online, they influence whether other HR professionals decide to apply with your organization. By providing the best possible experience, you attract high-quality candidates.  

Here are three ways to improve your HR candidates’ experience.

Share Pertinent Information 

Make the information that HR candidates value easily accessible. The majority want to know your company’s mission, vision, and core values. Many desire to read employee testimonials to see what it’s like working for you. There’s great interest in what your employee value proposition is and why it attracts candidates to your organization. Since most candidates search for this information on your career site or LinkedIn Company Page, be sure to include a significant amount of relevant details on both.

Create a Fast Application Process

Ensure your application process is quick. Because most HR candidates won’t spend more than 15 minutes on an application, make it as easy as possible. Provide clear directions for each step. Ask only for information essential to make a hiring decision. Apply for a job yourself to gain a clearer idea of the candidate experience. Identify areas that are tedious or complicated, then find ways to smooth them out.

Regularly Communicate

Communicate with HR candidates on an ongoing basis. They need a clear timeline for each step and details on what will take place during this time. Set up application status progress bars and automated follow-up and next-step emails to regularly communicate with candidates. Provide updates on progress throughout each part of your process. Give them the interviewers’ names and background information and a detailed agenda before interviews. Provide a tour of the interview location to help candidates feel at ease and build a stronger connection to your company. Have someone escort them between interviews to show you value their time. Provide feedback about each interview by the end of the day to encourage a relationship with your organization. Mention candidates’ strengths, areas for improvement, and advice for what to do differently to move forward.    

Improve Your HR Candidates’ Experience

Provide the most positive candidate experience possible to attract and retain HR professionals. Offer the information needed to encourage candidates to complete your short, simple application process. Communicate with them throughout every step of the recruiting process. Let candidates know how they performed, how they could improve, and what the next steps are.

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