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Ways to Boost Employee Culture During Coronavirus When Workers Are Remote

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, most or all of your employees may be working remotely. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the virus and how long we’ll have to be physically distant from each other, your team members probably have anxieties about their new work situations. Not going to the office each day and interacting with coworkers can result in feelings of stress and anxiety. To help staff with their new routine, focus on what you can do to build morale.

Consider implementing these ideas to improve culture as your team works remotely during COVID-19.

Set Up Communication Channels

Use a communication platform, such as Slack, to keep your team connected. You may assign one channel to share how a teammate’s actions demonstrate culture and another channel to learn from circumstances where culture isn’t adhered to. You might add a channel to share work or life hacks and even challenges to seek suggestions or gain support. Other channels may be used for sharing fun things like pictures, music, games, literature, or crafts.

Create Virtual Company Events

Provide opportunities to participate in online company events. Perhaps team members can join in virtual yoga or happy hour trivia. Maybe you’ll set up a virtual scavenger hunt or word search. Or, you can schedule virtual coffee breaks and lunch hangouts.

Work Toward Ongoing Improvement

Encourage ongoing feedback on how to improve company culture. Show employees that their voices are valued and respected. You might set aside a Slack channel or provide surveys asking for feedback. Or, you could have a team dedicated to experimenting with culture to increase employee engagement.

Acknowledge Memorable Occasions

Celebrate holidays and significant life events, acknowledge birthdays and work anniversaries, send candy or small gifts to commemorate milestones with your company. Handwrite cards thanking staff for their service. Remind them you’ll get through COVID-19 together.

Provide Regular Check-Ins

Regularly check in with your team to see how they’re doing. With the challenges of working from home, virtual schooling, increased child and elder care needs, financial uncertainty, social distancing, and other potential stressors, staff probably have raised concerns and anxiety about current and future events. This impacts their schedule and focus. Encourage your team members to be honest about how they’re feeling and what they’re experiencing. Be compassionate and flexible when finding ways to accommodate their needs while reaching business goals. This may include providing additional time off with pay to care for family matters. If your company offers an Employee Assistance Program, remind employees that this resource is available to them. 

Promote Employee Culture During COVID-19

Find ways to boost company culture while your employees work remote because of COVID-19. Whether everyone is sharing fun gifs through Slack, enjoying virtual happy hour, or mentioning concerns about their wellbeing, provide the most positive, supportive culture possible. Remind everyone to continue moving forward to better times. You’ll get through this as a team.

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