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Make a Job Offer Your Candidate Can’t Deny

Extending a job offer to a candidate is part of building a partnership. As you get to know the candidate throughout the hiring process, you gain a clearer understanding of what they’re looking for in a position and how it aligns with their goals. By taking into account what you learn about the candidate’s wants and needs, you are better able to tailor a job offer that provides what they’re looking for while fitting company goals and objectives.    

Implement these tips to move a candidate toward accepting your job offer.

Align Expectations

While working toward a final offer, clarify everyone’s expectations to ensure they are in alignment. Understand your company’s preferred start date and salary range, including bonuses, benefits, and perks. Consider the candidate’s desired start date, most recent compensation, and requested compensation package. Complete background and reference checks. Review the candidate’s fit with company culture and reason for wanting the role. Know what else greatly matters to the candidate and can help close the deal, such as a strong work-life balance.   

Make a Verbal Offer

Call the candidate to make a verbal job offer. Gain subtle insight into the candidate’s interest in your offer. Provide the job title, start date, compensation, bonus structure, pay frequency, and the date by which the offer should be accepted or declined. Point out how the role aligns with the career goals the candidate mentioned during the interview process. Ask whether the candidate can verbally accept your offer now. If they need more time, agree on when you need a decision.

Extend a Written Offer

If you get verbal acceptance of the job offer, email a written offer. Include the information agreed upon, the start date, manager’s name, and contact information for the person who can answer the candidate’s questions before they start. Give a deadline of a few days to respond to your offer in writing. Once the candidate accepts the offer, follow up with them once a week until their start date. They’re more likely to follow through and begin working for you.

Personalize the Job Offer

Based on what you learned about the candidate’s interests, hobbies, and other personal details, personalize their job offer. If they enjoy cooking, pair their job offer with a copy of your favorite cookbook or links to recipes for a celebratory dinner. If the candidate enjoys spending time with family, include with their job offer a gift card to a family-friendly outing.  

Personalizing a job offer makes a candidate more likely to accept it. When you find ways to blend your goals and expectations with the candidate’s wants and needs, they’re more likely to join your company.

Work with an HR Recruiter

When a job offer is extended, a recruiter will be there as a sounding board for both sides.   They will facilitate any negotiations and strive to keep the process seamless.   A smooth process will result in more offers being happily accepted. 

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